Economic Development


The vision of the Economic Development Department is to build an independent, sustainable economic base that respects Micmac values, and enhances community livelihood and prosperity.


The Economic Development Department will create, support, and manage business ventures to generate profits for the band and create jobs.

Core Values

Respect for Mother Earth- All of our ventures, businesses, and practices will be respectful of the environment.

Transparency and Accountability- The Economic Development Department must operate with clear, transparent business practices in order to be accountable to the Mi’kmaq community of Gesgapegiag.

Openness- Our community is open to support from internal and external stakeholders in order to achieve successful economic development initiatives.

Sustainability- Economic activities conducted and supported by the Gesgapegiag First Nation will enhance community, financial, cultural, and environmental sustainability.

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Hollie Larocque

Director of Economics Development

Joshua Bradstreet

Relais De Le Cache Manager

Walter Jerome

Tourism Manager

Roberta Billingsley

Project Manager

Bonnie Jerome

Economic Development Administrative Assistance

Roxane Martin