Fisheries Sector


The mission of the Gesgapegiag Fisheries Department is to facilitate and secure the long-term sustainable development and utilization of our commercial fishery resources. Conservation and the appropriate use of our resources is in the interests of this generation and those to come, and must constitute our absolute priority in fisheries management.

Gesgapegiag is acutely aware of the fundamentals social and economic roles played by the fisheries sector through:

• Generating income for the community;

• Providing employment for our community;

• Socio-economic development, and;

• The responsible management of our natural resources.

Our Principles

Prominently included within the mandate given to the fisheries department by the Gesgapegiag Band Council is the development of closer and more effective partnerships with training institutions, the private sector, and band members in order to achieve long-term sustainable results in the fisheries sector.

Our Values

The fisheries department is committed to cooperative and open teamwork, fostering a stable and community-oriented cultural environment, respect for differences of opinion, and maintaining personal trust. The Gesgapegiag Band’s full integration and participation in the fishery industry is something that both the administrative and political bodies of the Gesgapegiag Band strive towards. This integration includes the exploitation and the management of the resources.


We currently employ a total of fifty-seven (57) individuals across various fishery sectors, including forty-eight (48) community members and nine (9) non-Indigenous employees.

These different sectors and their employees are as follows:

Administration: four (4) employees

Lobster Hut: five (5) employees

Wholesale: three (3) employees

Inshore Lobster Fisheries: nine (9) employees

Inshore Private: three (3) employees

Midshore Fisheries: thirty (30) employees

Midshore Replacements: three (3) employees

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Christina Burnsed

Director of Fisheries

Jaime Condo

Inshore Operations Manager

Michael Lindquist

Interim Mid-shore Operations Manager

Hank Condo

Plant Manager

Justin Jerome

Fisheries Administrative Assistant